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How to Start Composting in 5 Simple Steps

December 30, 2018

How to Start Composting in 5 Simple Steps

How to Start Composting in 5 Simple Steps

Composting is not only wonderful for the environment, but it’s also a fun process to be part of. This free, easy, and environmentally friendly activity is perfect for anyone looking to do some good for their garden and the world. Below, you’ll find five easy steps on how to start composting.

  1. Choose the Bin
    The container you choose to hold your compost can be bought at any local garden or hardware store. The most common bins are square-shaped and made of plastic or wood. You can even make your own bin to meet specific needs.
  2. Find a Location
    Once you have your bin, you’ll want to choose a specific outdoor spot that assists the compost development. The location is key, as the amount of sun and drainage abilities can have a big effect on whether or not your compost works. The bin should also be over bare soil to make sure worms and other organisms can make their way in to help with the progression of decomposition.
  3. Get Some Gear
    Depending on the size and location of your compost, different tools may be needed to tend to it. We recommend any of the following tools for first time composters:
  • Gardening gloves—You’re dealing with waste and dirt, so you’ll want to protect your hands.
  • An aerator—This tool will help you mix up your compost.
  • A shovel—Can contribute to the work performed by the aerator, and can be used to move the compost efficiently.
  • A wheelbarrow—If you have a larger compost, this will make transporting it to the garden easier.
  1. Add Waste Materials
    Now that your compost is set and ready to go, it’s time to supply it with waste materials. The best way to keep your compost healthy is to include both green and brown scraps. Green waste includes fruits, and vegetables. Brown waste refers to paper products, coffee grounds, and fresh leaves or pine needles. It’s important that you only add materials that can decompose in a compost. Do your best to layer the two types of waste (a layer of green, then a layer of brown, etc.), as that combination leads to the best results.
  2. Wait It Out
    Slowly but surely, your trash will turn into soil. Every other week, turn over your mixture with the aerator or shovel and make sure it’s at the right level of moisture (like a rung-out sponge). If you don’t see any progress, add more green waste (increases moisture) or brown waste (decreases moistures), depending on the condition of the compost. Once your compost looks and smells like normal soil, it’s ready to use!

For more information about composting, use this guide, which contains specific details and facts regarding compost creation. We hope this guide has helped you better understand how to start composting. Enjoy!

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