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Quick and Delicious Mason Jar Meals

April 19, 2019

Quick and Delicious Mason Jar Meals

Vegan meals in a jar are the perfect marriage between easy to prepare and exquisite to eat. Here are five enticing meals you can stow in a glass jar and bring with you on the go.

1. Coconut Mango Parfait

coconut mango parfait

This tropical getaway in a jar pairs ripe, plump mango with velvety coconut cream. The glorious creation will have you grabbing your glass jars and filling them up pronto. To make your own coconut cream, refrigerate full-fat coconut milk overnight—the cream will separate from the milk. You’ll then be able to whip it and layer it in between fresh mango and coconut flakes.

2. Asian Noodles

Asian noodles

This Asian noodle salad, served with peanut butter dressing, is vibrant and easy to make. Add four ounces of cooked soba noodles to your jar and top with chopped scallions, red peppers, edamame, and carrots. You can get creative with your vegetables by adding tender broccolini, bean sprouts, purple cabbage, and a sprinkle of cilantro. Top everything off with crispy rice noodles!

3. Sweet Potato & Quinoa Salad

sweet potatoes and veggies

The orange-ginger dressing that accompanies this sweet potato-quinoa concoction adds the perfect sweetness. Keep in mind that the order in which you layer ingredients in a mason jar matters. In general, the dressing stays at the bottom; crunchy, sturdy vegetables that won’t get soggy go on top of the dressing. On top of that, you can add cooked grains, roasted vegetables, and finally leafy greens.

4. Chia, Acai, and Strawberry Layered Breakfast

strawberry acai chia

A raw, vitamin-rich, superfood breakfast will provide you with boundless energy for your busy mornings. Choose your favorite fragrant berries. If they’re not in season, don’t fret—frozen berries are actually even more nutritious than the fresh variety. Chia seeds absorb excess liquid and create a thick, pudding-like consistency. This chia pudding is enhanced with vanilla, but you can switch up the flavors according to your personal tastes.

5. Veggie Burrito Bowls

veggie burrito bowl

Nothing is easier to make or more delicious than a homemade mason jar burrito bowl. Roasted sweet potatoes and brown or white rice add heartiness to this quick bite. Pack your jar with tomatoes, guacamole, corn, and beans, and you’re set for lunch all week. If you feel like your bowl lacks flavor, add plenty of fresh herbs, or use roasted corn instead of raw.

Throw some granola on it! See our recipe here

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