What is Sustainability? Why is it Important?

by Anthony Carriuolo August 08, 2018

It's time for us to step up

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Our planet needs us! Sustainability is a concept new to many people but one that is making the rounds and growing in importance. As environmental issues continue to perforate the news and challenge our future, there are many things we can do as individuals to ensure a cleaner earth and a healthier lifestyle for ourselves!

Sustainability Defined

"Sustainability" as its own term is defined as the ability to perform a defined behavior indefinitely. From the environmental standpoint, sustainability in practice describes actions that are taken to continue the life cycle of a behavior, or remove wastefulness from what we do. Sustainability in our lives can bring together the reduction of waste and greater returns on our own personal investment into the quality of life!

No, you don't have to sacrifice much at all!

Contrary to the alarm of possibly defying our privileged convention, living a more sustainable existence shouldn't force us to live without A/C or stop driving our cars. We can maintain our fortunate quality of life while making small changes that make major differences in our lives.

Sustainability, much like veganism is a lifelong evolutionary journey. As we learn more, we choose what changes we make in our lives. It can be as simple as reducing our single use items such as paper plates and plastic straws, or as ambitious as exchanging your car or growing a garden.

Great! How do I start?

Don't bite off more than you can chew, but understand the importance of environmental sustainability. One of the most rewarding ways to get underway is to drop the use of paper and plastic in the home. While convenient at first, over time the costs to both your wallet and our planet don't help at all!

Look around your daily routine - where are you wasting the most and where is the easiest place to start? In all likelihood a few small habitual changes can reduce your carbon footprint dramatically! From there, the fun doesn't stop. It's a liberating feeling to know that one small change in our lives can start a domino effect through everything we do.

How will you become more sustainable?

Anthony Carriuolo
Anthony Carriuolo


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