Our Story

The Awakening 

On April 21st 2016, it was a cold and rainy spring evening.  I decided to throw on a Netflix documentary (cowspiracy and vegucated) - a binge of documentaries ensued.  I was blown away by the level of impact my current eating behavior was having on animals and the environment.  

I dove head first, trying to reduce my impact on the world by going plant-based, quickly I realized the modern food landscape wasn’t exactly built to support my desire to move toward more conscious eating.   

I could not find any options that met my needs:

    1. Responsibly sourced ingredients,
    2. Optimal doses of high quality protein,
    3. Nutrient dense whole foods as the primary formula
    4. Without Palm-Oil - which has been evidenced to wreck havoc on the environment


No time to waste

5 days later the inception of Planet Protein had materialized.  I would provide a convenient and delicious nutritionally packed high protein meal replacement for anyone looking to consume more consciously.   

I was all-in on this journey with a growing community of conscious consumers behind me.   Day-by-day I learned more about nutrition’s influence on health and how we could use manufacturing technology to produce a delicious protein bar packed with nutrients.

Despite push-back from suppliers and advisors regarding the cost associated with creating the bar I envisioned - I refused to compromise on my mission to offer a higher quality option than anything currently available.    

It was essential to me, no compromise was made with regard to our customers health, animal well-being, or the environment within which we all exist.  



Our founding principles

Conscious consuming is simply being aware of what's in our food and how it affects the environment and our health. Distinguishing good from bad (ingredients) and understanding the impact food has on human, environment, and animal health.  We are committed to create the tools you need, in the food we eat or products we use, that are sourced in ways that have the lowest impact on the environment and the conscious beings living in it.

Ultimately we have one mission, to improve the health of people, animals, and the planet we inhabit… by providing the tools to make that effort easier.

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The DreamTeam assembled 

As we began to share our collective mission with the community it all came full circle.   In August of 2017 the team was completed with a powerhouse of talent and expertise.   Signing Wilson Chandler, the only NBA plant-based athlete at the time, was a big moment for us.   Wilson epitomizes that you could be a conscious consumer and still one of the best athletes in the world.  But the depth of our team behind the scenes was just as pivotal.

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To be continued...

From top to bottom our team is filled with people that believe in our mission to change the world, by providing YOU the solutions needed to live a vibrant and fulfilling life.  


Welcome to the family!

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