About us (new)

Our vision has and always will remain the same: to unify the principles of environmental stewardship, mutual respect, and transparent, clean health. We believe our civilization, and planet as a whole are better when you're at your best!


Our Core Vision

Let’s face it – it’s hard to have 3, sit-down, square meals per day. Whether it’s business, sport, family, or travel, there’s always a reason to eat on the go. With the boom of the plant based movement, we still found a shortage on high protein vegan bars that eschewed the use of damaging ingredients such as sugar alcohols and “natural flavors.” As we continue to provide true sustained energy at no cost to nutrition, we looked deeper into our impact beyond the people we serve. As we grow and evolve, our commitment to sustainability has extended to every aspect of our company – from the packaging to our pamphlets, each piece of the puzzle is broken down to the microbial level. We are always examining ourselves and our company! With this in mind our first two bars were born, and the ethos that every product we unveil will be fed through this stringent system of checks and balances, our ultimate goal to provide the highest quality plant based solutions with none of the detrimental impact on our planet.

Quality, Clean, Transparent Nutrition

Every ingredient down to the molecule is put to the test among key criterion our standards are expected to uphold.

• Taste: Our products are our bloodline, and they better taste great! • Cleanliness: We ensure every ingredient is as clean and nutrient dense as possible, sourced from the closest land possible.

• Environment: How is this ingredient planted and harvested? We ensure our raw ingredients are exclusively from farms who exhibit ethical practices and clean agricultural methods.

• People: We recognize many ingredients are planted and harvested in less stable parts of the world, where worker’s rights can be infringed upon or nonexistent. We are committed to investigating the regions and practices of any regional ingredient source.


Sustainability: An Ongoing Endeavor

Our continued drive towards the most sustainable we can be doesn’t end with our ingredients. We continue each day to examine opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and maintain the quality our customers have become familiar with. We acknowledge that in today’s world of producers and consumers it is veritably impossible to create, wrap, pack, and ship our products without some form of waste – but pledge each moment to reducing ours further.

Feeding the Fam

Health is at the heart of every strong family. When one member falls ill, the entire unit must respond. We feel that triumph, not tragedy should be the prime agent to congeal the modern family. We’ve been honored to see our bars keeping families from the drive-thru line and diaper bags lined with on-the-go snacks. Keep it up everybody!

From the living room to the Hall of Fame

With a founding team that includes an ex-Marine and a longtime rugby player, we knew what it would take to fuel the hardest hitters and bravest warriors the world over. With pea protein as our base, over 35% of our daily fiber, and a superfood inclusion, we had our formula locked. Whether its boot camp or basketball, our bars are as fit for an All-Star as they are for our moms!