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Enjoy Chocolate Magic

Holistic Vegan Nutrition built to elevate your day.

Superfoods + Adaptogens

Ancient Medicine meets Modern Innovation

    Cacao Based
    One of our favorite superfoods. Antioxidants to optimize, mood elevating, heart healthy.
    Reishi Mushrooms
    The adaptogenic Ancient Chinese "Mushroom of Immortality." Immune boosting, anti-carcinogenic, one of nature's greatest antidepressants.
    Quinoa Sprouts
    High quality bioavailable complete protein. Improved digestibility, enriched with probiotics.
    Chia Seed Protein
    The "Strength" of an empire. These tiny seeds are around 40% fiber, revered by the Aztecs.
“Optimize your routine and get more from your day. We built Chocolate Magic to bring out your best and empower you to reach higher."
- Brenden Fitzgerald, Founder

One Bag For All

  • The Busy Family

    Hypoallergenic, nut free, grain free, and dairy free. Get the fam up and running with a scoop for everyone!.

  • The Workout Warrior

    24 grams of complete protein from 3 powerful sources. Delivers the energy to break your limits.

  • The Natural Yogi

    Cacao and reishi mushrooms raise our cognition and uplift our spirits. Adaptogen immnune support to keep us centered.

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Why It Works

  • Clean, pronouncable, reliably organic.
  • Always vegan and cruelty free.
  • Only 5 grams of healthy carbs per serving.
  • Nothing but natural. You deserve better!
  • Hypoallergenic - soy, nut, and gluten free.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pea Protein so popular these days?

It's not just the vegan movement behind pea protein's skyrocketing popularity, although abstinence from dairy has been the main driver. Pea protein is affordable, abundant, eco-friendly, and extremely effective.

While animal based proteins can almost certainly be associated with indigestion, pea proteins high fiber and iron ensure optimal digestion and metabolization.

When should I take Chocolate Magic?

Whenever is best for you! Don't overthink it, just listen to your body and go with the flow. We believe a holistic, intuitive approach yields the greatest results.

Whatever it is that makes you go in life, the need for quick, impactful nutrition has never been greater. To meet the needs of today's rapid paced world, Chocolate Magic is there to accommodate your lifestyle. Whether for work, sport, recreation, or family, Chocolate Magic keeps you sharp and in the game.

Does Chocolate Magic work for the whole family?

We hope so! For starters, Chocolate Magic does not have any of the Big 8 allergens: wheat, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree legumes, peanuts, wheat, and soy. Many families are negatively impacted by allergens, specifically with their children. We believe 8 ingredients and clean, plant based protein is a great way to get the family up in the morning.

Our macronutrient distribution should cover everyone from the toddles to grandparents. 24 grams of clean vegan protein is the perfect full serving. With only 5 carbs and zero sugar, Chocolate Magic is keto friendly, and minimally impactful on the glycemic index. We don't use sugar alcohols, "natural" flavors, and other masking agents... Just good flavor and clean eating!

Is your Pea Protein tested for Heavy Metals?

Yup! Our standards for ourselves are high, and we wouldn't want anything less for you. Each individual batch of pea protein is tested in advance of production, and sourced from organic, reputable farms.

What's are Reishi Mushrooms?

Reishi Mushrooms are large, fan shaped, bright red miracles. They've been used in Chinese natural medicine for thousands of years, and are utilized to this day by people across the world.

Reishi Mushrooms compliment our cacao base perfectly, decreasing hypertension, improving immune health, and elevating cognitive abilities

Will Planet Protein create new flavors?

Absolutely. We can't leave the vanilla crowd hanging! Each protein powder we create will follow the standard set by Chocolate Magic.

Through each product we innovate, we will seek a short, pronouncable ingrient list, balanced macronutrition, and superfoods to raise your vibration for anything life throws at us.

I have a comment/question, how do I contact?

Feel free to email! We're happy to help.