Our Story - Ant

On a rainy night in April of 2016, our CEO Brenden planned for a regular night in, opening up Netflix and seeing what was in store. Several hours later, after stumbling upon revelatory documentaries such as Vegucated and Cowspiracy, he went vegan overnight. Within a few short days after, Planet Protein was born. Brenden’s plan was to address what seemed to be the Achilles Heel of his early transition – access to portable, convenient, clean, and ethical vegan nutrition products. Planet Protein over time has continued to reflect the personal and professional evolution through Brenden’s vision – now incorporating the full breadth of values we live by – whether it’s at home, in the lab, or on the road! Our core principles Our products are built to enhance your lifestyle and get more out of your day. Our company is built around several core tenets that we hold both in our personal and professional lives. Through elevating our own standards, we raise the bar for what we can achieve, and for the quality of product we ultimately present to you.
  • +Quality Ingredients – We would never serve you something we wouldn’t thrive with ourselves. Our ingredients are selected to blend form and function, giving you bold flavor and super food fortified portable nutrition. Planet Protein will always abstain from the use of sugar alcohols, natural flavors, preservatives, GMO ingredients, and most of all – animal products. We are proud that all of our products – including apparel and accessories, are sourced from ethical partners who account for the health of their goods, their workers, and the planet.
  • +Sustainability – a consistent and ongoing cause behind our evolving company. We’ve heard plenty about the impact our bars have had on all of you, but never thought about our wrappers. In order to combat waste and refine our product lines into a zero waste model, Planet Protein offers an internal recycling program, trading rewards for our wrappers. We aim to reduce and eliminate excess and waste every day.
  • +Products that work – We know that success isn’t always easy. Whether you’re a college student, intrepid traveler, busy mom or professional athlete – we know that oftentimes scarcity can limit our potential. Whether it’s money, time, or food that you’re missing, we built Planet Protein to fill the need in your life. We are committed to bringing value to your life, and strive to get better for you every day.
Planet Protein’s commitment to you begins from the ground up. As part of our aforementioned core values, we refrain from the use of any ingredient that we’d have to think twice about ourselves. Can we pronounce it? How is it harvested? These malefactors include ingredients and materials that are damaging to any combination of health, the environment, and the workers throughout the process of bringing these products to life. We’re surrounded by nutritionally empty, chemically injected foods designed to be addictive. We’re always on the guard for you! A good defense doesn’t mean much without an equally effective offense. We set the tone with super foods like our adaptogenic reishi mushrooms in our Chocolate Magic. Throughout our products you’ll find chia, quinoa, cacao, pea protein, and many other beneficial ingredients. We felt we could do more than simply deliver 20 grams of protein and great flavor. All of our product designs have and will continue to incorporate exciting super foods with a myriad of incredible applications to benefit your life in every moment.
Soon after founding, Brenden began assembling his team. The core team shared the mutual dream to provide real benefit and health to an increasingly busy world. As the days have gone on, we’ve met more incredible people, seen more, and experienced more than we have in much of our prior lives. We’re incredibly humbled and honored by the wave of positive vibes we’ve received in person and online by many friends across the world. When we go to work, we think about what we can do to improve your lives, and we love what we do.
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