Our Story

When did I go vegan?
It was a rainy April evening in 2016.  Bored, I decided to throw on Netflix, and went right to Cowspiracy and Vegucated. I was stunned and appalled upon learning what the impact my every day habits had on the environment. At that moment I went vegan overnight. I dove head first, trying to reduce my impact on the world. With little information and less support, I struggled to make the changes. I could not find any options that met my needs. With a background in the Marine Corps and an ongoing dedication to fitness, I found that nothing I could grab and go with satisfied my needs:
  • Sustainably sourced with ethics in mind
  • Nutrient dense and wholesome
  • Free of natural flavors, sugar alcohols, and other cheap gimmicks
  • A powerful panel of clean ingredients and a full serving of plant protein 
Why did I launch Planet Protein?
Within a few short days the idea for Planet Protein had materialized. I couldn’t be the only one feeling this way – lacking a quality option that cleared the new standard I had set for myself.
I was all-in on this journey with a growing community of conscious consumers behind me.   Day-by-day I learned more about the disconnect between our food and our medicine, and the way we see it. Something had to be done.
Despite push-back from suppliers and advisors regarding the cost associated with creating the bar I envisioned - I refused to compromise on my mission to offer a higher quality option than anything currently available.    
It was essential to me, no compromise was made with regard to our customer’s health, animal well-being, or the environment within which we all exist.   
Our founding principles
Conscious consuming is simply being aware of what's in our food and how it affects the environment and our health. Distinguishing good from bad and understanding the impact food has on human, environmental, and animal health.  We are committed to create the tools you need, in the food we eat or products we use, that are sourced in ways that have the lowest impact on the environment and the conscious beings living in it.
Ultimately we have one mission:
  • Include ethics in every move we make
  • Always innovate for the health of all
  • Provide products that are delicious, practical, and bring value to your active lifestyle.
The Dream Team assembled 
No matter the drive behind my mission, no success story every begins and ends with one person. “I” became a “we” as I brought on my business partner, and surrounded myself with a support network of positive energy and expertise. The team behind Planet ProTEAM has been an invaluable resource to elevate us to the next level. We wrapped up our assemblage by signing Wilson Chandler, small forward for the Denver Nuggets who chose to invest in our company soon after. At the time, Wilson was the only plant-based athlete in the NBA.
To be continued...
From top to bottom our team is filled with people that believe in our mission to change the world, by providing you the solutions needed to live a vibrant and fulfilling life.  
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