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The Vision

We created our Recycling Program to reduce the waste we accumulate in the process of expanding Planet Protein. We're proud to offer this program as another step to furthering the synergy between Planet Protein, our Earth, and you. For most of us, buying a protein bar is a simple activity. We’re hungry, we grab and pay, eat, and toss the wrapper. While convenience and security have made our lives considerably easier and opened the door for more enjoyment in our day, they’ve also distanced us from the earth and contributed to global forest and ocean destruction.

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Lowering Our Impact

Entire states have begun to ban easily replaceable implements like straws, plastic bags, and other everyday items while consumers are imposing their own eco-conscious daily means. It should be on us, not our governments to look into our routines and make the small swaps that go a long way. Often, the most grandiose movements through history are actually an accumulation of many tiny events leading up to the event that make the difference in the long run.

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The Program

We recognize that our products lend to a cleaner planet and a healthier you, but why stop there? We created our internal recycling program as a way to combat our overall waste and empower you to make positive decisions on both sides of our wrapper! With every online purchase you will receive Planet Points to reward you for shopping. Each Planet Point is a true representation of our efforts as producers (and consumers ourselves) to make a maximum impact in your life and avoid disturbing our beautiful earth. Thank you for joining and believing in our mission of conscious consumption!

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