What and who are Planet Protein?

Planet Protein Inc. is a vegan nutrition company founded in April 2016 by Brenden Fitzgerald, a former USMC infantry leader and overnight vegan. His goal was to provide an active lifestyle product that took into account both the health of each other and of the planet.

 Why should I pay a little more for a Planet Protein bar?

In the simplest terms, you get more! Our bars are at the apex of the market in terms of size, fiber, and protein. Our bars are comparable in price per gram to many of the market leaders at all sizes. Better yet, our bars pack all of that punch with no compromise in terms of quality, flavor, or nutrient density.

 What’s with the sugar?

 Our proteins, fats, and carbs aren’t all equals, so why would our sugars be?! Our primary sources of sweetness are dates, cherries, and other natural products. Our bars average a range of between an banana and an apple, and are of substantial size, thus lowering the overall impact of the sugar per gram.
What is the handling time for my purchase?

Our handling time is 1-3 days prior to shipment. Purchases made after 5PM EST will enter the process the next business day.

Why doesn’t Planet Protein use palm oil

We’re serious about our planet, and we will never cut corners. Palm oil is the ultimate corner cutter. It’s a cheap, unhealthy, highly processed oil whose industry presence is a direct affront to human rights, animal welfare, and environmental stewardship. Palm oil is one of the foremost plagues our planet is currently enduring.

Does Planet Protein have a powder?

As of 10/22/2018, we are imminently releasing our first powder, Chocolate Magic. We look forward to setting a new benchmark in sustainable products, alongside a bold flavor profile and powerful macronutrient blend.

What is the shelf life for Planet Protein bars?

Our shelf life for our bars is 12 months.

Does Planet Protein carry a nut-free bar?

At the time of this writing we unfortunately do not. We intend on working with the many nut-free families we’ve met along this journey to research and select a nut-free flavor. We are excited to build the next generation stronger with complete plant-based protein!

Does Planet Protein use any “natural flavors” or “preservatives?”

Planet Protein is committed to innovating a full line of products in the years to come without ever compromising to include unnatural preservatives, or bogus flavors. 

What is a FODMAP?

FODMAP is a fancy acronym which stands for “Fermentable oligo, di, mono-saccharides and polyols.” They represent a chain of added sweeteners used commonly in our foods. Known as “sugar alcohols,” they’re the culprit that burns on the way down and turns your stomach. We are proud to have no sugar alcohols in our products, and we never will.

Is Planet Protein committed to the planet?

Yes! Planet Protein is proud to partner with 1% from the Planet from Day 1. Each year we will donate 1% of annual revenue to a charity representing an environmental issue of choice. CEO Brenden leads the way with a daily commitment to a highly sustainable lifestyle, educating others along the way!

What is brown rice syrup?

Brown rice syrup is a healthier alternative to refined sugars and is made by exposing cooked rice to the enzymes that break down the starches into sugars. It is fructose-free, natural, and better for you than cheap refined sugars. It is a complex sugar that takes longer to break down, while the overall inclusion of high fiber, high protein ingredients reduces the overall glycemic impact

Where can I buy Planet Protein’s products?

We currently ship to you directly through this website! If you’re on foot, check out our store locator for a shelf near you.

Does Planet Protein ship internationally?

Currently, we do not. However, we are proud of who we are and what we make! We are striving to reach every continent, even those hard working scientists in Antarctica. As we expand internationally, we will have the countries we can reach on our website, while international stores will be found with our locator.

How much protein should I eat in a sitting?

Common consensus puts the range between 15-25 grams per sitting. While suggestions vary, these are the most acceptable number’s spread. Planet Protein’s bars are a suggested on-the-fly solution for missing a meal, but we suggest giving yourself a break!

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